To The Cliffs And Back

Walk No 2: To The Cliffs And Back

Distance: 4.3 Miles
Time: 2 hours

This is a great circular walk, mainly off-road, and needing walking boots or wellies in all but the driest weather.

You can either turn left out of Walmsley House and head towards Buckton, or follow the scenic route through the field as described in Walk 1. Either way, you will exit Bempton heading NW and enter the neighbouring village of Buckton. Keep going until you reach the far side of the village, where you will find the pond. Turn right here, up Hoddy Cows Lane.

Hoddy Cows Lane











This road rapidly turns first into a farm track and then a path through fields.

Bempton walking farm track











Make sure you follow the path, which will lead you all the way to the cliffs. From here the amazing views begin:

Bempton cliffs











Turn right and follow the coastal path until you reach the RSPB reserve.

Bempton Cliffs RSPV











As the crowds increase, look for a path that forks to the right. At this point, the quickest way home is to follow that path to the RSPB visitor centre, cross the car park and walk all the way back down Cliff Lane to Bempton. If you’d like to enjoy the birds cliffs you can keep walking for a bit further and then double back. There are other routes that avoid the road, but they involve a bit of cross-country walking across a field with no right of way… a map will help you, but I’d better not.