A Stroll Around Bempton

Walk No 1: A Stroll Around Bempton

Distance: 1.2 Miles
Time: 30 minutes

This short walk – mainly on roads but with a little bit of cross country – will let you see around the village.

Come out of the front door of Walmsley House and after crossing the road, turn right. Walk to the crossroads and turn right down Church Lane. On your right are the old stables of Walmsley House and on your left by the churchyard is the old carriage house.

Bempton Church











Continue down to where the road opens out and cross Gillus Lane to the pond. This is a lovely place to stop and feed the ducks. Walk to the right of the pond and you will see a stile into the field behind (pictured).

Gillus Lane and pond











This is a farmer’s field and therefore normally full of cattle. So far we have had no trouble from them! There is a public right of way that snakes across the field: it should be clear in the grass, but if not, head diagonally across the field to the far left corner (minding the boggy areas in the middle) where you will find another stile.

High Street and pub











Turn right up Bolan Lane until it stops at High Street. Turn left if you would like to visit the playground sited between Bempton and Buckton, and right if you would like to return along the High Street to Walmsley House. This walk is going ‘straight on’ (actually a little wiggle) up School Lane, which comes out at Jaw Bones Corner. As the blue plaque located there tells us, the entrance to the field here used to be guarded by a giant whale’s jawbone. From here you can see the road heading off to the cliffs and the bird sanctuary, and the huge caravan park. Turn right down Cliff Road, and then left onto Spring Lane, where you can see some of the oldest houses in the village. Finally, turn right down St Michael’s Walk to arrive back at High Street. As you turn right, you will see the imposing sight of the White Horse pub, and you will know that you’re nearly home.